Grab a pair of Sphinx, put on your best poker face and walk to work like an Egyptian. These graceful, cat-eyes will help you channel your inner gamine, whether popping into Sam James for a caffeine fix or seeking after-work salves at your local. When you wear the Sphinx, only you hold the secret to effortless style. 




Are you a psychedelic pacifist? Mystical humanist? Dystopian satirist? President Trump giving you the heebie jeebies? Then face this Brave New World with the Huxleys! Finely crafted with subtle and complimentary detailing, this frame is sure to open some doors for this world and beyond.


Oh Lucy


The Oh Lucys are part of our Collaboration with Katharine Tessier for the Toronto Design Offsite festival.  This classic round is inspired by the "o" of the Garamond font and made in black and bone like the pages that inspired  it - perfect to soothe your inner bookworm.




Named for everyone’s favourite mathematician, the Euclids add some serious hex vibes to any outfit. Whether you’re contemplating the infinitude of prime numbers or pondering the perfection of Pi, the Euclids will lend a little harmony, balance and truth to your look... AND your life!


Less Than Zero


Turn up the Costello. The Less Than Zeroes lend a little preppy chic to any outfit, whether dressed down with your favourite denim or adding polish to a jacket & tie ensemble. These stunners will have you opening all the right doors and turning all the right heads. 


Love Cats


You can slip through the streets while everyone sleeps, getting bigger and sleeker and wider and brighter with these delicate cat eye frames. The cure for loneliness may lie with this eye catching number.




Named after a haiku beloved by designer and OCAD Industrial Design Chair Angelika Seeschaaf of eeaa, the Baum's offer a sophisticated twist on the classic 'Rounds'. Add a bit of tweed, shake and serve neat. Pipe optional.  




These sleek frames will keep you looking understated and dapper from the office to the club.  P.s. Girls can be dapper too.  




Calling all aspiring Iris Apfels!  These beauts complete your look all day long - whether you're lunching with the first lady, picking up the pool boy, or just reading about it.




Ooh la la! Crank up the Gainsbourg and bust out your best bouffant...the Bardots will have you strolling Bloor Street like the femme fatale you always knew you could be. Whether your syle is buttoned-up or blowsy, the oversized glamour of the Bardots is perfect for every adventure. St. Tropez or bust, baby!




Light as a feather, stiff as a board!  These sunnies are as classic as The Craft and their split personality is guaranteed to keep your style ying and yang balanced. 100% Nancy approved.



Channel 1980s chic in these retro beauties, named after a haiku written by designer Angelika Seeschaaf of eeaa. Climb your way up the corporate ladder in style with the Blaetters. For Working Girls around the world.




Clean lines. Cool shape. Elegant. The Dandys make a streamlined statement.




Academic or Action hero? Why not both! The Harrisons will have you brushing up on your hieroglyphics while on a hardboiled hunt for treasure. Morning commutes have never been so exciting. Serious Indy cred. 


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